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February 18, 2022
marketing strategy

There is no one-size-fits-all digital marketing strategy. Every business is different, and therefore, each company needs to create a unique digital marketing plan that will work best for them.

Let's start with the first thing – please do not get Shiny object syndrome. You cannot test all the tactics at once. You cannot hear all your friends' advice, colleagues, read blogs, or listen to podcasts and create a new bridge that will not be finished. 

 Yes, all the digital marketing strategies are good, but in the right time, execution and optimization.-  

We are getting used to trying a new tactic every week, and we finish with a ton of half tactics that do not help our business goals and growth projection.

  • Result: digital marketing plan that is not effective.

We need to focus on what works for our business and allocate resources such as time, people, budget to digital marketing tactics that will have the most impact. I cannot emphasize this enough! So, before you start your digital marketing journey, take a step back and ask yourself these questions:

– Who is your client? Where do they live? What are their interests? Where are they now, and how can I change their actual state? What are their fears? What are their motivations?

After, ask yourself, how do we engage with our client? What is each step by step from the first time they know about us until they buy something from us?

marketing strategy

Digital Marketing Campaign example


After almost 50 years, HUGO BOSS is introducing a new logo for its core brand, BOSS, along with a proper 360-degree rebrand across all consumer touchpoints.

In addition to the global campaign, a dedicated broad spectrum of engaging social-first content has been created in the form of podcasts, behind the scenes, stories, and reels. The campaign will be activated worldwide across all consumer touchpoints, leading with social as well as major out-of-home advertising going live in 35 metropolises worldwide.

“With the branding refresh and the release of the star-studded campaigns, we are ushering in an entirely new era for BOSS and HUGO. It is our aim to excite new and younger target groups and turn them into fans of our brands. Both campaigns are therefore an important step in further boosting brand relevance and in reaching our goal to become a top 100 global brand in the years to come," states Daniel Grieder, CEO HUGO BOSS AG.

marketing strategy

The digital marketing campaign is excellent and includes digital media, social media advertising, video distribution, OOH (Out of Home) digital billboards in 35 countries, and a website redesign to match the new brand identity and logo. BOSS understood the game-changing atmosphere, and they have adapted their brand and values thinking in their 10-year goal.

We are seeing more digital-first campaigns that take advantage of digital tools such as social media platforms or videos on Youtube to engage with customers from the first moment they know about us until they buy something from us. We need to think about digital marketing as an ecosystem with different touchpoints for each customer journey. 

It's not always easy to figure out the best digital marketing strategy, especially when you're starting from scratch. That is why we offer a free 15-minute consultation to help you get started and determine what would be best for your business needs. We'll also provide some examples of how other companies have used digital strategies in the past with success so that you don't feel like it's all up to chance. So if this sounds like something that may interest or benefit your company, give us a call today!


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